Chun Li

Street Fighter V
Blue Jade - Chun Li
1/4th Seamless Action Figure with Metallic Frame
Height: 42cm

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Chun-Li is a character in Street Fighter series. The first female fighter of any fighting game franchise, and her first appearance was Street Fighter II: The World Warrior in 1991. She is a highly disciplined, seasoned, and courageous woman, and is often the voice of reason. As an official of Interpol, she takes her work as a cop with pride. Outside of her duty as a cop, she has an elegant, sweet, and feminine personality. Because of her devotion to justice, she often becomes allies and friends with other soldiers and cops. Additionally, she has shown great resilience and determination in pursuing intense crime organizations, such as Shadaloo.

Seamless Action Figure series brought to you by Rockytoys, Chun Li is our second project in the line, metallic endoskeleton frame with multiple points articulation, three heads with different expression, three sets of hands, one pair of boot and finally, her very first costume in the game, consists of a custom made qipao that allow wider range of movement with golden accents, large spiked bracelets and brown pantyhose. With our specially crafted body, Chun Li can resemble moves appeared in the game without any visible joints.

Special features of the 1/4th Seamless Action Figure with Metallic Frame - Chun Li
  • Three (3) pieces of interchangeable heads including:
    • One (1) regular head
    • One (1) striking head
    • One (1) beaten head
  • Three (3) pair of interchangeable hands including:
    • One (1) pair of fist holding hands
    • One (1) pair of open palms
    • One (1) pair of close palms
  • One (1) pair of black bracelets with silver spike
  • One (1) pair of white boot
  • One (1) blue qipao with golden accents
  • One (1) brown pantyhose
  • One (1) white belt with dragon pattern

* Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
* Product details are subject to change without further notice

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