Strive for Greatness

Rockytoys was found in Hong Kong in 2017, by a group of enthusiastic individuals that are interested in video games, particularly fighting games. We see there are plenty of polyresin statue available in the market, many of them do come with exceptional quality, but due to the casting material, they always come with a static pose and will only have one 'default' viewing perspective. We are also aware that there are action figures coming with a number of articulation points to make them posable, but the crafting always leave the joints visible...

Thus, we have a dream to combine both and introduce seamless action figures, which feature a metallic endoskeleton frame, covered with soft plastic material that resemble human skin. This proved to be difficult as we did switch our developing partner during the process. During our development, we also managed to pull off licensing agreement with Capcom for our first project, Ryu and ChunLi from Street Fighter.

With our seamless action figures, you could create your very own battle scene with different characters from different series, not only standing side by side, but have them actually fighting each other. Or better yet, 3-way battle and even battle royale.